Re: [glb-knit] Queer Knit List

The Queer Knit List

Welcome to the world wide web home of the queer knit list, a long running discussion group of hand knitting, queer issues, machine knitting, fiber arts and other connected issues. The list is hosted by the Online Policy Group, and is open to the entire queer community(e.g. gay, lesbian, trans, bisexual, friends, family, and groupies as a starting point.) Our discussions are varied, with a scope that encompasses our lives, loves, our crafts, and our journeys and explorations therein.

Our discussions occur over email and occasional “real life” retreats, and everyone is welcome to join the list. You may either visit the web-based interface to sign up, or you may send an email to with the following line in the body of your email, modified with your email address and name:

 subscribe glb-knit [your email address] [your name]   

After a short while the list moderator will add your email to the list (we don’t automate this in an effort to manage spam, which we are largely successful at,) and you will receive some introductory materials and will be able to post to the list as a full member! All list email is sent to We encourage new members to post an introductory message after joining the list, mostly so we can all get to know you!

If you experience issues of any kind during your stay on the list, or require assistance with some technical function, please contact Sam, the listdad directly, or make use of the “list owner” email address at

Also continue to peruse this website as much as you like. If you’re a list member and you’d like to contribute to the website, be in contact by way of the above means, and we’ll get something configured shortly.


The conversation on the list is relatively unstructured and we ask very few considerations of contributors to the list. We do ask that you keep the following in mind:

  • Many list members receive email on the list in the form of daily digests, which group a number of list-messages in a single email for easier consumption. For this reason, we ask that list members trim the quoted material from previous messages in their responses as much as possible to make it easier and more accessible for people to participate in list conversations.

  • If you use the digest format please modify the subject line of the email to the email you’re responding to, so that threads are easier to follow for the rest of us.

  • We like to generally avoid straying too far off topic. If some messages stray off topic, include the characters OT: in the subject of your email. Having said that, our “on topic scope,” is broad and includes everything from yarn, to being queer and coming out, to yarn spinning and fiber, to queer family issues of all shapes, to knitting design, and beyond. Also most list members are happy to receive off-list messages from “knitsibs” if you think your message is not relevant to the entire group, or want additional privacy.

  • Do know that while we attempt to keep the list a safe and welcoming environment for all who are welcome, at the same time, we encourage everyone to be aware that all list conversations should be considered public.

  • Please do not send messages with attachments to the list. If you have content that you can’t send in the body of an email message, upload that content the web and post a link to the resource. If you need help with this, don’t hesitate to be in contact with the list and website admin and he will assist you with this matter.


Deepest thanks to the entire queer knit list community for being awesome and participating in the best online queer knitting community ever. This website was designed and is maintained by Sam Kleinman. Hosting is provided by Cyborg Institute. Thanks to Sadia Wiltshire for her support of the website and this list for many years.